Joe Flood Insurance Brokerage established a business relationship with MassiveCert to bring you the highest quality Elevation Certificate service so your flood insurance policy is rated properly and quickly.  For answers to any questions you may have, scroll down to reference our interactive FAQ section below.


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Frequently Asked Questions

MassiveCert is a flood certification company performing elevation certificates, flood zone determinations, letters of map change, and risk reporting. All we do is flood certification with a focus on quality, process improvement, and innovation.
In some areas of the country, we are not able to provide an instant quote. These are usually underserved areas where elevation certificates aren’t performed frequently. Also, commercial orders, because of their complexity, are not quoted instantly. After placing an order of this type, our coordinators will immediately begin to quote the order and get you the best price.
The process is the same for commercial and residential ordering but commercial quotes can only be given after the order is placed because of their complexity. Our coordinator will call the primary contact after the order is placed to clarify details of the structure and get you the best price.
Standard delivery time in all areas except Florida is 10 business days or less. Florida standard delivery times vary from 10 days to 4 days depending on the county. Standard delivery days appear as green on the ordering calendar of the website.
Absolutely. In most areas, an order can be rushed to a 5 business day delivery for an additional fee. Some areas in Florida can be rushed to a 4 or 2-day delivery depending on the county. Rush quotes are available online and appear as red on the website’s ordering calendar. The coordinator will additionally work with your schedule.
The primary contact on the order, usually the property owner, will receive an email from info@massivecert.com with an order number confirming the order has been placed. Then a coordinator will call the primary contact within one business day to confirm order details, answer questions, and set a date for the site visit.
After the coordination call, the primary contact will receive an email with an invoice and a link to a secure online cart for credit card payment. This is the preferred and most secure payment method that will ensure the order is not delayed. Surveyors are deployed to the site after payment is confirmed.
If it is not possible to make the credit card payment online, our coordinators can accept the credit card over the phone.
We can accept payment by check but the surveyor cannot be deployed to the site until payment is received and processed. These orders can also not be canceled because of the time and cost involved in canceling an order made by check and issuing a paper refund check. We do not process purchase orders.
You can cancel the order any time through a link in the order confirmation email. The coordinator, surveyor, or customer service representative can also cancel the order for you.
If the cancellation occurs before payment is processed and the site visit is scheduled, there is no fee to cancel. Cancellation after payment is processed and the site visit is scheduled will incur a $75 processing fee.
Yes. The terms can be found at www.massivecert.com/terms. When the customer pays with a credit card, they will be required to check a box to accept the terms.
It depends on the structure. Basements, crawlspaces, sunken living rooms, location of structural equipment and other features that cannot be accurately measured and reported from the outside of the structure will require entry. In those cases, it is best to have a property owner representative at the property. In many cases, all measurements can be completed from outside the structure and no entry is required. Your coordinator will discuss the details for each structure.
Both the customer and the agent will receive an email with a PDF of the elevation certificate. If your systems are integrated with MassiveCert, the certificate and its data are automatically pushed to the policy file for your convenience.
All of our automated email notifications come from info@massivecert.com. Make sure your email spam filters and corporate firewalls are not blocking that email address.
For issues about site visit times or any specific order, please contact your coordinator or surveyor directly. Contact information for your assigned team is in the emails received from MassiveCert. For other inquiries, you can email us at info@massivecert.com or call us at 844.4EZ.CERT (844.439.2378).
Each elevation certificate is digitally produced. Our surveyors enter the data into our online responsive website rather than handwriting or filling in a static PDF form. From this digital data, we co-process over 100 individual quality rules to check every element of the elevation certificate. After the certificate passes the quality review step, each certificate is digitally signed by the surveyor in our document management system as we maintain the provenance of each final certificate.
Simply call our customer service department and we will review the certificate and resolve the issue.
We calculate the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) from the FEMA Flood Insurance Study to the nearest 1/10 of a foot. This is the proper technique taught by FEMA and the NFA. In essence, the structure is located on the current FEMA flood map. Then the flood flow perpendicular is drawn to the flooding source from the most upstream corner of the structure. The distance along the flooding source to the upstream and downstream cross-sections are measured and scaled from the map. Then the proper flood hazard model profile, transect, stillwater elevation table, or discharge table is located in the Flood Insurance Study. Then the cross-section distances are scaled on the flood profiles to read the BFE to the nearest 1/10th of one foot. Only in rare cases would we accept a BFE from those squiggly lines on a FEMA flood map because they are approximate locations rounded to the nearest whole foot and not appropriate unless no other data is available.

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Order online and receive confirmation from info@massivecert.com. Our professionals review each order and confirm everything with you to make sure you get exactly what you need.


Our state-licensed land surveyors arrive at the property as scheduled and use the latest equipment to measure the property to 1/10 foot accuracy in compliance with FEMA regulations.


We check over 100 items on each Elevation Certificate before we approve it for release so it's right the first time. And we digitally deliver to your email inbox for the fastest service.