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What is an Elevation Certificate?

An Elevation Certificate is a form the Federal Emergency Management Agency uses to document the elevation of a structure in comparison to the elevation of the 100-year flood.  The difference between the structure and flood elevation is used for many purposes such as:

  • Determining flood insurance policy premiums 
  • Rebuilding to a safe elevation after a disaster
  • Mitigating your property from being damaged in a future disaster
  • Supporting a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

Only a state-licensed professional such as a surveyor, engineer, or architect can determine those elevations and they often need to access the inside of the structure to determine the first floor elevation or the elevation of a basement or crawlspace.  It's a very important document that measures the exact details of your structure that may not appear on a Flood Insurance Rate Map.

In many cases, you will be required to obtain an elevation certificate if the structure is located in certain high-risk flood zones.  In other cases, an elevation certificate can reduce your flood insurance premiums by providing details about the structure that a flood insurance map cannot.  In essence, more water entering the structure during a flood causes more damage, and less water in the structure causes less damage.  Yet that detail cannot be seen on a flood insurance map.  An Elevation Certificate reveals that information and can reduce your flood insurance premiums if it shows less water will enter the structure during a flood.  Those savings can be significant and effectively pay for the elevation certificate.



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A poor quality certificate can cost you thousands of dollars in insurance premium overpayment. And mistakes can cost you valuable time when you are closing a mortgage.  We independently review every certificate before it is delivered to you. And because we use digital data , we are able to automatically review over 100 items on each certificate before it reaches our manual review team. The MassiveCert team is committed to quality.


Our surveyors capture elevation measurements of your structure to 1/10th of a foot - the maximum allowed by FEMA. That's 1.2 inches, or 3 centimeters. And we measure flood elevations from the scientific engineering flood model that created the flood maps. We take the extra effort to go to the source and collect the most accurate information possible ensuring your Elevation Certificate reflects every benefit you are entitled to.


Each of our surveyors is licensed by their respective State Licensing Board as a registered Professional Land Surveyor who stands behind their work. And each member of our team receives extensive training to make sure they are the most knowledgeable professionals you can find. In each of our team members you will find a diligent, courteous, knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful professional eager to serve you.


We developed software that digitally captures the complex information on each certificate. Our team can access this software from smartphones and tablets for rapid data entry and quality control.  Your completed certificate is emailed to you so there is no waiting.  And our systems are enabled with web services for seamless integration into corporate systems. Our focus on advanced technology delivers quality, speed, and value.


Completing a quality Elevation Certificate to FEMA's standards takes time, so our online ordering gets you started in minutes.  And you can order rush service online too.  Our digital quality control keeps the project on-schedule.  Our extensive experience with FEMA's processes allows us to move your case forward swiftly and get results fast.  And when the certificate is complete it's emailed to you - no waiting.


We monitor every local market in the nation to bring you the best competitive online price possible. And we provide free anonymous quotes so you can compare with no obligation. There will always be a company lowering a price by a few dollars. But when corners are cut, and quality is sacrificed, what is the real cost of your certificate? Our Quality, Accuracy, Professionalism, Technology, and Speed provide the best value in the Nation.


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From independent agencies to the largest policy administrators, we have the knowledge, experience, and tools to support your business goals. Our management team has spent decades in service to FEMA and the flood insurance industry so that we can provide you with customized solutions to support your entire flood certification process. Our elevation certificate system is exposed through Web Services for complete and seamless integration into your existing policy systems for one-click ordering and delivery. And our Web Services deliver elevation certificate data direct to your database for faster policy rating. We also offer private-label services hosted by us and created around your existing branding. You will have access to our knowledgeable management staff guiding you through any certification scenario you might find yourself in.  And for larger projects, we offer discounts for multiple structures.


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