Flood Zone Determinations

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Determination Types

A Basic Determination is backed by our guarantee and includes FEMA's Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form.  In addition, our Advanced Determination Data is provided through our Web Service for every Basic Determination to extend the usability of the determination and give you more risk awareness.
A Life-of-Loan (or Life-of-Policy) Flood Zone Determination includes the features of a Basic Determination and the property is monitored for future FEMA map changes. When FEMA changes the flood map, we analyze the changes, notify you of the change, and update your Flood Zone Determination with the new FEMA information. We also provide Conversion Services allowing you to convert a Basic Determination into a monitored Life-of-Loan Determination.
"Grandfathering" is a special FEMA flood insurance rule where you can qualify for lower insurance premiums based on the flood map created at the time the strucutre was built.  A Grandfather determination includes the features of a Basic Flood Zone Determination plus the flood zone, base flood elevation, map number, and map date as of the date the structure was constructed.
A Non-Guaranteed Determination follows the same processes as our guaranteed determinations except neither manual map review nor our guarantee is included. Provided at a lower cost than other determination types, this type of determination is very useful for marketing, pre-rating, book-of-business analysis, private insurance, or any scenario where a FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form is not needed.
Before FEMA declares a new flood map is to be used for Flood Zone Determinations, the map and data are provided to community officials for review and adoption as the inevitable new official map.  This review and adoption period lasts 6 months by statute.  MassiveCert also obtains a copy of the community's maps before they are official. Therefore we perform a Flood Zone Determination with the pre-release FEMA flood maps which gives you awareness of the future changes affecting the property and more time to take action before the maps become official.

Why MassiveCert?

Flood Zone Determinations holding our guarantee are backed by our $15,000,000 Errors, Omissions, and Cyber insurance.

Leverage our Web Services for seamless integration to your existing system for uninterrupted business continuity.

Our Nation-wide FEMA flood-mapping coverage for both maps and Letters of Map Revision is updated in lock-step with FEMA for the most up-to-date flood zone determination available.

Our operations managers each have 15 years of FEMA experience to support your team and we offer tailored management and ordering solutions to fit your business workflows.

Disputes could not be easier with our Web-Map interface to just click, comment, and submit your case directly to the review team.

We offer automated and manual processing to increase speed and accuracy and give us the flexibility to tailor processes to your business.


Vertical Datum Conversion

Printed on every FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination with a Base Flood Elevation. It saves you time and money and it's only from MassiveCert.

Unique Flood Zone Reports and Exhibits

More Information. More Awareness. More Insight.

Our Flood Zone Change Report shows you the effective FEMA flood zone and future FEMA flood zone. The future FEMA zone will become the effective zone in a few months, but MassiveCert analyzes the data before it becomes the new effective map.  You can compare the data side-by-side with the report’s dual maps and take action before FEMA officially releases the new map.


Our Flood Zone Determination Supplemental Report provides you with aerial photographs, parcel boundaries, flood zones, and the structure location. You can also find valuable information such as the available FEMA insurance discount, next nearest flood zone, distance to saltwater and freshwater, community disaster losses, and the previous flood zone. This report is very useful to communicate risk in a way that can’t be done with a standard flood zone determination.


Want to stand out? Our massive database of natural hazard risk information can be configured to your needs and produced as a private-label report under your brand.

Advanced Determination Data

Available For Every MassiveCert Determination.

Distance To Saltwater

We'll show you the distance to the coastline - an important factor for private flood insurance.

Community Losses

The community's historic flood losses are an indicator of the community's risk exposure.

Previous Zone and BFE

We can tell you the flood zone the property used to be in - grandfathering potential.

Archived Elevation Certificate

If we have an Elevation Certificate in our database for the property, it's available for free.

Ground Elevation

We'll tell you the USGS ground elevation for the property.

Distance to Freshwater

We'll show you the distance the nearest river, stream, lake, or pond.

Community Discounts

We provide the FEMA CRS discount percentage so you have information in one place.

Future Zone and BFE

If FEMA is releasing a new map soon, we'll tell you what zone the property will be in.

FEMA Program Dates

A date like the Initial FIRM informs you about pre-FIRM rating possibilities.

Next Nearest Flood Zone

We'll tell you how close you are to a flood zone to get a fuller picture of risk.



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