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A Guaranteed Flood Zone Determination is an analysis of the FEMA flood zones and federal flood insurance eligibility for an individual property or structure.  This analysis may be required when financing a property or seeking a flood insurance policy because it will help determine if the property is required to have flood insurance and the cost of that insurance.  We determine which FEMA flood zone affects your property, guarantee the results, and provide you with the federal Standard Flood Hazard Determination form, and a flood map.

Did you know there are many different Flood Zone Determination Types?

MassiveCert does them all.

A Basic Determination is backed by our guarantee and includes FEMA's Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form.  In addition, our Advanced Determination Data is provided through our Web Service for every Basic Determination to extend the usability of the determination and give you more risk awareness.
A Life-of-Loan (or Life-of-Policy) Flood Zone Determination includes the features of a Basic Determination and the property is monitored for future FEMA map changes. When FEMA changes the flood map, we analyze the changes, notify you of the change, and update your Flood Zone Determination with the new FEMA information. We also provide Conversion Services allowing you to convert a Basic Determination into a monitored Life-of-Loan Determination.
"Grandfathering" is a special FEMA flood insurance rule where you can qualify for lower insurance premiums based on the flood map created at the time the strucutre was built.  A Grandfather determination includes the features of a Basic Flood Zone Determination plus the flood zone, base flood elevation, map number, and map date as of the date the structure was constructed.
A Non-Guaranteed Determination follows the same processes as our guaranteed determinations except neither manual map review nor our guarantee is included. Provided at a lower cost than other determination types, this type of determination is very useful for marketing, pre-rating, book-of-business analysis, private insurance, or any scenario where a FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination Form is not needed.
Before FEMA declares a new flood map is to be used for Flood Zone Determinations, the map and data are provided to community officials for review and adoption as the inevitable new official map.  This review and adoption period lasts 6 months by statute.  MassiveCert also obtains a copy of the community's maps before they are official. Therefore we perform a Flood Zone Determination with the pre-release FEMA flood maps which gives you awareness of the future changes affecting the property and more time to take action before the maps become official.


Start using our Flood Zone Determination platform today. No contracts. No commitment. All the features. From homeowners to NFIP Direct Agents and everybody in between - anybody can get a guaranteed Flood Zone Determination.

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Corporate Accounts

Our corporate accounts have long-term contracts to secure enterprise-level services such as: web services integration, SLAs, lower rates, tailored processing services, customized maps and reports, dedicated account managers, special projects, and more.

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Massively Different

Available on every MassiveCert Guaranteed Determination, our standard features are anything but.

Vertical Datum Conversion

Printed on every FEMA Standard Flood Hazard Determination with a Base Flood Elevation. It saves you time and money and it's only from MassiveCert.

Building-Level Accuracy

Our database has hundreds of millions of parcel and building outlines to find your property accurately, and quickly.

A Massive Guarantee

Our Guaranteed determinations are backed by $15M E&O and covers the flood zone, community, CBRA, mis-rating, and loss. See it Here

Experienced Customer Service

When you call us, you'll get somebody with a minimum of 15 years of expeience on the line.

Easy Disputes

If you disagree with our determination, submit an online dispute and we'll resolve it in 24 hours. See it Here

Accurate Maps

A Massive determination comes with an map of the FEMA floodplain pin-pointing your location and showing more data than a standard Determination.


Every Determination has Home Mortgage Disclosure Act information from the US Census for FIPS Code, Mean Statistical Area, and Tract.


If your property is ineligible for flood insurance because of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act - you'll see it in red on the Determination form so you won't miss this critical information.

HFIAA Newly Mapped

If your property can benefit from reduced insurance rates for the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act - we'll put in right on the form.

Massively Fast

Most Determinations are completed automatically in seconds. A few need research by our experts and are delivered in about an hour or less. This is as fast as a determination can be.