How to get a Free FEMA Elevation Certificate

Yes, you can get a free FEMA Elevation Certificate and it’s not that hard to do. An Elevation Certificate can be used over and over again – all you have to do is update the photos in the document. It’s perfectly legal and accepted practice by FEMA, but not everybody knows about it.

Here’s how to do it step-by-step.

  1. Search the MassiveCert archive. We store thousands of Elevation Certificates and they are all available for free download from our website.
  2. Check your city or county website because many communities require all Elevation Certificates be sent to them and many communities will post the document online for your use and you can usually download the document for free.
  3. If your community does not have the Certificate online, call them and ask if they can do a records search for the Elevation Certificate. Often, the community has the document but it isn’t available online.
  4. Look in your mortgage closing documents because sometimes an Elevation Certificate is transferred with the property. And if you are in the middle of a real estate transaction, ask the seller if there is an Elevation Certificate so you can have a copy and re-use it.
  5. For new structures, ask the builder for an Elevation Certificate as they may have obtained one prior to construction.

If you can’t find a free Certificate, MassiveCert offers a cost-effective, painless process for obtaining and Elevation Certificate. We facilitate Elevation Certificate processing in every U.S. county with fixed rates from state-licensed professional land surveyors. Our work is guaranteed, and we perform quality control on over 100 aspects of the document to make sure you are getting the best possible advantage for flood insurance. You can learn more at